mwtt 2016 empowers women

San Fernando, April 16, 2016 - The Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Organization is very pleased to be a partner with Camilleon Consulting Limited for their “Women of Power and Purpose 2” event.
National Franchise Director Mrs. Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo was very enthused to lend their support to this event. She stated that she has seen the commitment of The Governing Director, Ms. Camille Ramdial and has worked with her on a number of projects which were successfully executed, and this year with its’ theme she welcomed the opportunity for Miss World TT 2016 – Daniella Walcott to address the attendees, and to lead the Fashion presentation.
On behalf of MWTT we commend Ms. Ramdial on bringing forth an experience to empower our women to be the best they can be.
We would like to take this opportunity and invite you all to attend.

Please click here to download registration form. You may also contact the number on flyer for further information.